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A trust is an agreement where a third party (called the trustee) keeps track of and manages assets on behalf of a beneficiary. A trust is an effective tool to avoid going to Probate Court.

A trustee’s responsibility is to ensure that the assets in a trust are handled approprately and that the terms of the trust are met. Serving as a trustee is a big responsibility, can be stressful, and requires that financial duties be carried out legally.

Burris Law principal attorney, Ariana Burris, understands the duties required to advise trustees on how to properly administrator a trust. She strives to serve as an ally and is able to provide the guidance necessary to ensure that all trust assets are managed and distributed properly in accordance with the terms of the trust, and that the trustee is protected from personal liability for failure to properly administer the trust.

How We Can Help

We can minimize the stress of trust administration by providing the following services:
  • Providing notification to beneficiaries and heirs of the pending trust administration.
  • Identifying and collecting assets
  • Valuing assets.
  • Paying all trust taxes, expenses, and debts.
  • Preparing accountings during the trust administration process.
  • Soliciting professional guidance regarding the disposition of life insurance, jointly held assets, and retirement benefits that pass outside or through the trust.
  • Maintaining communication with all beneficiaries throughout the trust administration process.
  • Assist trustees in selling real property.

Types of Trusts

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Credit Shelter Trusts
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Revocable Living Trust
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Irrevocable Trust
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Life Insurance Trust
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Charitable Trusts
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Blind Trusts

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We’re here to help you create a personalized trust you can feel confident in.

You certainly do not want to inadvertently disqualify your special needs child or grandchild from continuing to receive their government benefits. Fortunately, it is possible to structure what they receive from you so that their benefits are not impacted. We help our clients to prepare a standalone trust or a supplemental trust. You may also hear the term a “special trust” but our experience has taught us that you do not want to trigger any unneeded inquiries from either the Social Security Administration, MediCal/MediCare or other income-based programs.

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